Does Holistic Dentistry Really Work?

holisticdentistrylogoThe world of organic, alternative and holistic treatment is upon us, even for dentistry. Holistic Dentistry, also called

Biological Dentistry or Alternative Dentistry, has been around since 1978.


The Holistic Dental Association provides support and guidance to practitioners of holistic and alternative dentistry helps inform the public of the benefits of holistic dentistry for their overall health and well- being.

Alternative Dentistry Treats the Whole Body

Holistic dentistry focuses on treating the entire person rather than just one located area of “dis-ease,” which is in this instance, the teeth. Holistic healthcare is intended to improve personal health and wellness on all fronts while allowing patients to also enjoy feeling loved, accepted, and understood.

Alternative Dentistry provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support as part of its full dental care regimen. Alternative Dentists examine, provide oral screenings and regular hygiene visits in the effort to prevent cancer and other diseases.

Alternative Dentistry is also dedicated to providing educational growth to patients and dentists. This education is affordable and includes methods of nurturing dental care, basic dental information, and even cutting-edge experiential forms of education.

Biological Dentists are Always Learning

Continuing education is desired and encouraged in the Biological Dentistry Field. Interdisciplinary resources help dentists teach patients about their particular brand of care: educating patients that they can and do have the innate ability to heal themselves.

Educating patients is key to staying connected with and enjoying open communication with patients.

Holistic Dentists DO NOT:

  • Provide mercury fillings, nickel-based crowns or cast partials
  • Offer gold, ceramic and composite fillings
  • Use Non-adrenaline and non-preservative anesthetics
  • Promote the use of fluoride

Holistic Dentists DO:

  • Protect patients and staff when removing mercury amalgam fillings
  • Evaluate the biocompatibility of dental materials before placing them in the mouth
  • Provide nutritional support and assistance
  • Take the time to listen to patient concerns.
  • Follow safe protocols for safe replacement of mercury fillings with an aesthetically pleasing and safe composite resin

These alternative methods coincide with holistic dental care products.

Holistic Dental Care Products Include

  • Organic and herbal toothpaste
  • Rounded-bristled brushes of special nylon that sucks up plaque at the gum line
  • Mouthwash made with highly concentrated extracts of organic herbs

Overall, Holistic Dentistry takes into account the effect of dental treatment and materials on the overall health of the individual. It is the basis of truly informed consent and allows patients to take an active role in the decision-making process of their dental health care.