What Will Orthodontia Be Like in 100 Years?

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Robots may be part of the orthodontic future.

While these expansions don’t quite mirror the future the Jetsons drew out for us, the future of orthodontia surely rivals that cartoon’s space-age man-over-machine prophecy. And the innovative and speedy discoveries uncovered from studies and research in the field of nanotechnology is truly the stuff of a space-age century.

So what did these innovators come up with? Nano Robots! This exciting new milestone is well on its way to becoming the next indispensable step in the fields of medical and dental science.

Nanotechnology in
Dentistry and Orthodontia

Increasing interest in the use of nanotechnology in dentistry has led to the emergence of a new field called Nano-Dentistry and Nano-Orthodontia…and Nano Robots are the star of the show.

These tiny machines possess the potential to offer a number of dental procedures and services: inducing oral analgesia, tooth desensitization, the ability to manipulate tissue to re-align and straighten irregular set of teeth, and the ability to improve tooth durability.

Sound far-fetched? Well, today, it might be, but these developments are certainly on their way—and perhaps a hundred years from now, they’ll be the norm!

Nano-Robots, Nanites
and Nano-Machines, Oh My!

Currently in the development phase, these futuristic devices have only just reached the milestone of producing a hypothetical Nano Robot.

Also known as nanites and Nano-machines, these theoretic microscopic devices are very, very small, as their name might suggest.

Nano-robotic architecture emulates the designs of already-existing macro and micro dental devices. Once the template is made, scientists construct and program the Nano Robots at a nanoscale level.   Scientists plan to create a smooth surface to streamline the way Nano-Bots function. It’s come to light that glucose—naturally occurring body sugars—as well as oxygen might be a source for propelling the Nano device in specified direction.

The Future of Orthodontia and Dentistry

Experts envision that these revolutionary Nano Robots will be manufactured in desktop Nano-factories specialized exclusively for this purpose. The ability to build and place large numbers of medical space-age Nano Robots into the human body brings up an exciting innovation. These ultramodern scientific advancements are expected to more effectively eliminate diseases AND provide patients with a painless recovery.

Pretty cool, huh?