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Flossing. Are You Doing It Right?

Ensure your oral health with the best possible tooth flossing game around.


It seems pretty simple. Grab your floss and put it between your teeth, right? Whether it’s traditional wound-up floss in a box; water picks or floss picks, there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it.

Which Floss is the Best Floss?

Dental health professionals say that traditional floss is still the most effective flossing method because it cleans your entire tooth but that floss picks and water picks are also excellent options.

Floss Like a Boss! How to Floss Properly


There’s actually a specific way to floss correctly. It goes like this:

  1. Grab around 18 inches of floss
  2. Wrap it around your middle fingers
  3. Keep about 3-4 inches to floss with
  4. Hold the floss at an upward angle
  5. It should make a C shape
  6. Slide floss up and down between each tooth
  7. Gently floss below the gum line (but don’t force it)
  8. Use a new section of floss when food debris and plaque build up
  9. Do this EVERY DAY

Flossing is Really, Really Important

If you forget to floss, experts say you’re only cleaning about 75 percent of your mouth. Some professionals also say that when it comes down to choosing between flossing and brushing, you should floss.


Be sure to follow these rules and you’ll keep your teeth happy and healthy!