Tattoo Your Tooth. It’s Totally a Thing.

Well, not for everybody. But if you want to add a little art to your to your teeth, you actually CAN. Really. Well, your crown, anyway.

Note: Not really what happens when you add tooth art to your mouth.
Cute little heart.

While tooth tattoos sound pretty crazy, they’ve been around for about 20 years, innovated by dental technician Steve Heward, the world’s first tooth tattoo artist.

And just like tattoos on the skin, the quality and taste level range widely.

Customize Your Crown
With a Tattoo that Says YOU.

So, we have a panda, a tree?, an iguana?, a rooster, a horse, a hawk?, an American Eagle, Princess Diana, George Washington, Lincoln, Tiger Woods, Amy Winehouse, Elvis? and Letterman. What do you see?

To get your own, Google “tooth tattoos” and find a dental lab that offers tattoo services.

Someone really loves Prince William and Princess Kate.
These teeth may be tattooed, but they’re very clean.

Pretty much every tooth in your mouth can be fitted for a crown, tattooed by a professional, and sent back to your dentist for a final fitting.

It just might be the coolest (or weirdest) thing you do all year.


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